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Contact & terms

Steve Hill Marine

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21 Grove Court                                                                                               The Boat Yard.                                                                                       

The Grove                                                                                                         Yard Mead

 Egham                                                                                                            Egham

SURREY                                                                                                            SURREY

TW20 9PZ                                                                                                         TW20 0AA



                              0784 0937015





FIRST TIME/ EMERGENCY CALL OUT        £95.00 (Half hour labour inc )


PROJECT MANAGEMENT                            £50.00 PER HOUR

ELECTRICIAN                                             £50.00 “   “

ELECTRICIANS MATE                                £25.00”   “


JOINER /SENIOR CARPENTER                  £50.00  “   “

CARPENTER                                                £30.00  “  “

CARPENTERS MATE                                    £25.00  “  “


ENGINE MECHANIC                                   £50.00  “  “

MECHANICS MATE                                     £30.00  “  “


PAINTER                                                     £25.00  “  “

LABOURERS                                                £17.00  “  “




Travel time billed at hour rate,   TW20  back to TW20.

Parking, marina contractor’s fees, and other expenses billed at cost.



MILEAGE  45p PER MILE TW20 to TW20 plus an addition mileage used in the collection of materials.




Terms and Conditions.


Steve Hill Marine is the trading name of Capt. Stephen F B Hill, 21 Grove Court, The Grove,, Egham, Surrey TW20 9PZ.


We shall not be liable for any losses or damages caused by  circumstances outside of our control, ( such as unforeseen defects in customers vessel, weather conditions, actions of third parties).




All prices for works are offered on a time and materials basis only.

We will do our best using our skill and experience to estimate prices as accurately as possible, however unless an extremely thorough examination of the vessel has been conducted, customers are advised that further works may well become necessary and these additional works are not included in any provisional estimate.

Any working hours spent providing detailed work schedules, cost estimates, or project planning are chargeable at the normal hourly rate.



We will provide the customer with updated cost estimate and work orders as soon as is reasonable possible, and we will only proceed with the further works upon written authorisation from the customer, and or required funds.

The customer is responsible for any hours and materials supplied up to that date, and any addition hours and materials.




All invoices for goods supplied and services rendered become due on date of invoice.

We reserve the right to request payments in advance to cover the costs of materials to be ordered and supplied.

All goods supplied to the customer, whether installed on a vessel, or not, remain the property of Steve Hill Marine until all invoices have been paid.

We reserve a general right (A general Lien) to detain any vessel or goods supplied until all outstanding amounts have been settled.




All works, and materials supplied by us, carry a 12 month parts and labour guarantee, in addition to the customers statutory rights.

We will only be liable for defects in workmanship or materials or equipment supplied only during this 12 month period, and only when promptly notified to us.

We accept no liability for any consequential losses, or loss of use, or income from any vessel.

Upon notification by the customer to us of any alleged defects, we will investigate within a reasonable time scale any such issues, and will promptly offer repairs, or employ such outside contractors as we see fit, however any remedial works undertaken by the customer or his agents without our express consent will invalidate this guarantee.


Maritime law entitles us in some circumstances to obtain a lien against a vessel to recover unpaid debts. Such action may invoke the “arrest” of a vessel through the courts, and its eventual sale by the court.